Your SEO Company is Just Not Enough for 2018.

Your SEO Company is Just Not Enough for 2018.

Your SEO Company is Just Not Enough for 2018.

So you have a personal SEO “company” that maintains your business’s marketing campaigns. Chances are, it may be one individual himself running the show, calling this business a team effort. Have you been seeing results over the past year of hiring this company?  Most business owners can say that they have seen very little results, and/or have been completely burned. Although seeing poor outcomes for their hard-worked for business, individuals still continue to go with SEO companies Los Angeles for their marketing due to affordability and the results that they promise. Kayan Solutions, a full service advertising agency, is going to share with you why SEO companies are just not going to cut it with their promises for the new year of 2018.


Your SEO Company’s Promises Are Outdated


2018 is right around the corner. This is a chance for new opportunities of growth for your business. The problem with having an old school marketing company in charge is that they are not in the know about new and improved techniques, and most don’t really bother getting educated on them. One of the most important things in marketing is to have a team that is always on top of new platforms, as the digital world is constantly changing and upgrading itself. Kayan Solutions has a team that literally does our research daily to provide our clients with innovative and creative campaigns before they become the norm. We don’t wait until a feature is popular to expose it for our clients, we do it BEFORE it gets out there.


Let’s talk about keywords– which are very important for proper digital marketing. Having the right keywords will give you much more volume on big search engines such as Google. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want their business to be on the first or second page of Google? This almost guarantees that consumers will click your website and view your products and/or services. What kind of keywords has your SEO company been using for you? Have they even told you what they are using, or given you a full keyword report? Most of the time, they don’t even bother doing their research to analyze which keywords are most important and most searched. They simply just take the first few ones that they find, check if they are relevant, and use them for your company.  The problem with this is that your competitors have most likely already used these keywords, and therefore you might not ever rank. Sorry SEO companies, but your overused and outdated keywords are just not cutting it for 2018.


Next, how is your content doing? Is it fresh, exciting, and engaging? The only way to attract attention from your important audience is by having well-written and researched content. If your SEO company is attaining to your content, you most likely will find that it can be repetitive, boring, and almost robotic-like. Since these companies are most likely writing content for 30+ companies like yours, you may even find that your competition has similar to identical content as you. Google will eventually recognize this, and give you the boot from the internet. Hiring a full-service advertising agency like Kayan Solutions can save your content tremendously. We actually have an IN-HOUSE creative content team who does this, and does this best. It’s time to speak to humans, not robots.

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Another thing that won’t cut it anymore for SEO companies is how they design and work on your website. Most of these marketing companies are lazy and too busy to sit and create a website that is bold, sharp, and eye-catching. They may also tell you that “more writing is better, and having multiple pages is great for business.” They will most likely copy & paste things into to make your website to make it look full. This can give you the “wow” effect as you will be fooled into thinking that they really know their stuff. Have you tried to research your competitors websites? Careful, you may find that you have not only an identical website format, but the same layout and stock photos. Kayan Solutions is all about quality. We would rather give our clients less content and less pages that is of better quality and more meaningful than to just fill up your website with gibberish. We also make sure to create unique and different-looking websites for each of our clients to make them stand out more.


Let’s face it, SEO companies are outdated. They most likely don’t take the time to do their research, and really give their clients what they need. Most of Kayan Solution’s clients join in after claiming that they have “gotten burned” by their marketing company. If you are currently experiencing this, feel free to give us a call and come in for a free consultation. We can make all the difference for your business!

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