Why Hiring an SEO Company Is A Bad Decision

Why Hiring an SEO Company Is A Bad Decision

Why Hiring an SEO Company Is A Bad Decision

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, which are techniques used to increase the flow of users on a specific website. SEO companies are hired to implement strategies and make changes on websites for optimization purposes. SEO companies are involved in all aspects of your company website, but if you do not fully read about your SEO company and do the proper research, it can potentially cause your business harm.

The Problems with hiring most SEO companies:

SEO companies can not only stop your website’s online traffic, but it could potentially lead to a break in your website if done wrong. A main problem with SEO companies is that they struggle to interact with all their clients personally. Due to the large amounts of clients that SEO companies consume, they become overworked and then don’t have time to service all their clients on time. Also, because SEO companies have many clients, it is difficult for them to take the time to sit with you and explain to you their tactics. For all the non-technical companies out there, this is a problem because you are not aware of what is going on in your website. Advertising agencies however, deal with their clients on a more personal level. Ad agencies like Kayan Solutions take their time to get to know each and every client while keeping their list as personable as possible. In-person meetings and interactions with clients is what helps them understand what is going on with their business, and how it is improving. This helps clients and consultants build strong long-term relationships that will continue to strive.  Client communication should be an agencies number one priority, which most SEO companies fail to provide.

Another problem with SEO companies is that many of them don’t actually know what they are doing. Because google is constantly changing and adding new features and development, it is hard for SEO companies to keep up with all the updates. This is a problem because regardless of SEO companies updating your websites to the latest features, they are still receiving your checks every month in the mail. Advertising agencies are always aware of the new changes google is providing, and updates their clients’ sites accordingly.


At Kayan Solutions, we believe that going with a full-service advertising agency vs. going with an SEO company is a better alternative. Advertising agencies focus on both acquisition and retention, as well as online and offline marketing to target your audience. This way we have a bigger loop of overseeing your entire business. We provide services such as PR, TV commercials, radio, printing, video marketing, etc. In addition, we also provide social media marketing, pay per click, SEO, and other marketing strategies. Advertising agencies provide many more service assets than SEO companies do. We make sure that your company is attracting users in every way possible. Going with an advertising agency is the right choice when it comes to your business. You want to be able to communicate daily with your provider, and ensure you are receiving the best possible marketing for your company. You want an advertising agency to run your marketing because they look at the entire picture, and they create endless possibilities in order for your business to strive.


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