Why don’t website visitors fill out the contact forms?

Why don’t website visitors fill out the contact forms?

Why don’t website visitors fill out the contact forms?

You may be noticing that each day there are numerous consumers that visit your website but they never fill out the contact information form.  You are not alone.  SEO companies, like Kayan Solutions, can track that consumers visit your site and stay to browse for a few solid minutes, yet they leave without providing any of their contact information. Why is it that consumers do not want to leave their personal information?


 One reason could be they are turned off by a long and invasive contact form, Perhaps they are overwhelmed by providing their personal information and afraid they will be contacted by telemarketers trying to sell them a product.  By requiring too many fields on your website contact form, you may not even realize that you are driving away prospective clientele.  The experts at Kayan Solutions advise that you keep the contact information forms simple with only 3 to 5 required fields.  

If you find that potential clientele are leaving your site, consider not asking for their phone number as part of the contact form.  People are less apt to leave phone numbers; they are more likely to leave their email address for you to contact them.  

Another aspect to consider is the seriousness of the word “submit” when the consumer is finished with the contact form.  The connotation of the word “submit” is negative and harsh.  Consider using friendlier or more neutral words such as “click here” or “send email”. 

The last bit of advice that Kayan Solutions can provide is to put a contact information form on every page of the site.  Basically, you will be assertively making an effort to ask for potential consumers to fill out the form by making sure they see it on every page, instead of just the Contact page.  This will increase the chances that a consumer will take the time to fill in their information.

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