What Makes Quality Content?

What Makes Quality Content?

What Makes Quality Content?

You’ve heard the phrase before, “content is king” and that the only kind of content you need is high-quality content. If you conduct a survey by asking what is determined to be high-quality content, you’re going to get a lot of sordid answers. There is always a discrepancy in how long content articles should be. Some say 300, words, while others say that 500 words are more ideal. Also, more content doesn’t mean that the content is better. Then, what makes quality content?

Google offers many quality guidelines that revolve around negative signals, which include:

Basic Principles

  • Pages should not be for search engines and should be primarily for users.
  • Make sure your content is unique and stands out from your competitors.
  • It’s always important that you do not mislead your users.

Specific Guidelines

It’s best to avoid the following:

  • Hidden links or texts, cloaking, creating pages with no unique content or very little, cloaking, doorway pages.
  • Irrelevant keywords on loading pages
  • Pages that have badware, phishing pages, viruses, etc.

In order to make good quality content, it is best to following certain practices that includes:

  • Monitor your site in order to avoid being hacked and remove any hacked content as soon as it appears.
  • User-generated spam should be prevent and removed as soon as possible from your site.

Creating valuable content by using ensuring that your website content, or content articles, are informative and useful. Make sure that your article content is unique and offers a different perspective than what is already available. It’s important to stand out and be unique in order for your website content to be more useful and valuable than competing websites.

Credibility is also important on your site; original research, links, citations, and reviews should be authentic in order to boost your trustworthiness and reputation with potential customers. Article content should never be mass produced to other sites. Your articles should be to give visitors to your website a good user experience and it shouldn’t be done solely for search engine rankings. Don’t forget to be engaging and bring personality to your website, this is what makes good quality content.

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