Tips For Your Landing Page Development

Tips For Your Landing Page Development

Tips For Your Landing Page Development

After you officially set up your businesses Pay Per Click campaigns, your next initiative is to make sure your viewers attention remains on your web site. To boost your online viewers and sales, you must make sure you are up to date with your landing pages. In this article, I will share with you some valuable tips that I use to make my client’s landing page development successful.

Valuable Tips To Consider

Tip #1: Have short-length words that have quality. Rather than having long and lengthy sentences that will take viewers a while to read, provide them with short catchy sentences/phrases that will attract their attention. A great tool I use when creating web development is to write your content out as a rough draft, however you want to state your services, and then go over it several times to revise and make the content much shorter. In the end, you will be left with half of what you started with, taking out less important sentences. Erase and take out words that are less relevant to your company and change them with more important key words. A great landing page will have as little sentences as possible, but ones that provide quality. If your business provides multiple services, it is best to not list them all at once on the landing page. Instead, state how many different services you provide to clients and give a “click here” button to view them. Viewers will prefer to find out about your services in the fastest way possible, and providing them with too much content will fail to do so.

Tip #2: Organize your information through bullet points. Bullet points are much easier to read than paragraph formats, and many people will prefer this style. In my opinion, bullet points sell quicker- they put the message out their faster and more efficient than writing it out in sentences.


  • Write an interesting fact here
  • Write another interesting fact here
  • Write more interesting facts here
  • One more interesting fact here

This format also helps save space when partaking in web development, because it is shorter and to the point. Your website will have more room and look less overwhelming.

Tip #3: Make sure your landing page provides a call to action. This is key to boosting your revenue for your business. I think that the best call to action is providing personal information- your telephone number. This will allow your viewers and potential clients to engage with your company on a more personal note, allowing them to get more information about your services/products. If you were to go for less personal information, another good call to action could be a “learn more about our services” button that leads to another page. But, personal engagement is much a much more efficient way to do business than online.

Tip #4: Always make sure your website is loading fast. This is crucially important for anyone who is trying to access your site. Now a days, most people view websites via mobile phones, because they are always on the go or they are busy. You need to make sure that your site loads quickly and only takes a couple seconds. Otherwise, this could potentially lead to the viewer getting annoyed and leaving your page. You do not want this to happen, because by having a slow website, you could have lost a great potential client.

Having the right web development for your company is a key factor to gaining revenue. Without this, people will be less interested in the services you have to offer, loosing you potentially valuable clients. Your first step is to make sure your landing page is up to date and top notch. This will only draw users forward to continue through the rest of your site. With these specific tips that I mentioned, Kayan Solutions goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations when attaining your web development. Kayan Solutions has a team of expert professionals that provide their clients with the best and most unique web and landing pages. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about our services!

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