Tips About the top SEO Scams From SEO Experts

Tips About the top SEO Scams From SEO Experts

Tips About the top SEO Scams From SEO Experts

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic today that is getting misconstrued. There are many people claiming that they are “SEO Experts,” yet they are fabricating promises of guaranteed organic search engine rankings which are not realistic. SEO is currently being promoted via spam email or even cold calls to improve your internet marketing. We suggest that you educate yourself about SEO before you make any decision. There are many SEO scams out there that small business owners do not want to be prey to. However, who has the time to really research SEO to phase out the true scams?

Instead, we created tips about the top 10 SEO scams.

  1. Don’t believe what an “SEO expert” promises about guaranteed rankings. It is simply impossible to verify that you will receive a first page ranking or a #1 ranking on any search engine. There is no expert in the world that can actually guarantee such a statement. In fact, Google has a disclaimer stating to “Be wary of SEOs that make a claim to guarantee rankings.” Stay away from any “SEO expert” that makes such a promise.
  1. Don’t believe any so-called “SEO expert” that claims they have a contact at Google or an exclusive relationship with a search engine. It just does not work this way and it is a lie.
  1. Don’t fall for the “SEO free trial service” line. This “SEO expert” is trying to sell you on SEO products. As you may now, SEO takes time to see results. It is not an overnight process that will give you results the next day. This requires real experts a few days of work and this amount of work does not come for free. Nothing is ever free; there is usually some cost that will be associated.

These tips created by real SEO experts and meant to make you aware of common SEO scams.

  1. Be aware of “SEO experts” who want to submit your information on thousands of search engines. You should concentrate your SEO efforts on the search engines that are the largest, such as Google and Yahoo, for example.
  1. Be aware of “SEO experts” who make reference to an SEO strategy that they cannot disclose. There are black market SEO strategies that will likely get you in trouble with the major search engines and kick you out of the rankings that you desire.
  1. Don’t believe any “SEO expert” that will promise you a ranking in a short amount of time. If you hear a deadline promise, then you know that is something to be aware of.
  1. Don’t fall for the price schemes. If an “SEO expert” is trying to sell you the lowest priced SEO, then this is fishy. SEO is difficult work which and if you want quality work, then you will need to pay what the going rate is. If you look for a deal, you may end up paying more trying to fix those mistakes.
  1. SEO does not work directly with any search engine. If an “SEO expert” says they are a partner with Google, then you know they are being dishonest. Google does not partner with any SEO company.
  1. Don’t fall for the “SEO expert” that says that they know the Google Algorithm. These scientific and mathematic algorithms are extremely multifaceted and intricate. Some experts may know certain aspects of the algorithm, but it’s hard to believe that they have this information handy.
  1. Be aware of SEO companies who will want to own your content. If you pay for a product, the ownership should stay with you. Don’t let an SEO company take ownership of your content; they may use it for something like selling to the competition.

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