Succeed With Retention Marketing

Succeed With Retention Marketing

Succeed With Retention Marketing

Retention marketing has been in high demand over the last several years, and is showing great results for most business owners. The point of retention marketing services Los Angeles is to build client relationships and to have customer engagement which will continue to bring them back for your services. While it is important to gain new customers that will hope on board for your services, it is also important to stay in contact with your current customers, and show them that they are appreciated.

The Importance Of Retention Marketing

Of Course, for a business to grow and exceed its limits you must have acquisition marketing such as PPC, social media marketing, TV commercials, etc. This helps boost your campaigns to reach people from different areas who are in need of services that your company offers. Acquisition marketing is the key to gaining new clients, but retention marketing is the key to keeping your current ones as well. Many business owners are so focused on just gaining new contacts, that they don’t realize how valuable the ones they already have are. Continuing to build relationships with these people is important to continue the flow of your business.

What do you do to remain in contact and keep relationships with current clients? There are several ways to do this. The first way is by performing text message marketing. This is a smart tactic, and you can get creative with your notifications. For example, you can send texts to your valuable customers saying “Happy Holidays” with their first and last name, or texting them when it is their birthday. You can also text them occasionally with a promotion or sale going on in your company, and that you are offering it to them. These are smart ways to stay in touch with your clients, and let them know you are thinking of them. They will value your texts from time to time, and they will remember your services.

Another way is to email market. With email marketing, you can send messages to current clients, but also new clients as well. These email messages will be personalized to target your viewers and help you make a larger profit. With email marketing, you might be able to send more notifications out than from text messaging, because they will be less obnoxious. This will allow you to strategically plan out what you want to send and when you want to send it.

Customer Retention on Blue Puzzle.

Lastly, there is integrated marketing events. This is a new and unique way to stay in strong relationship with your current clients, but attract new people at the same time. How does an integrated marketing event work? This is done completely by Kayan Solutions, and our team of professionals plan the entire event. The business owner will bring their services/products to a desired location, and there will be a small party/gathering where you will have the opportunity to expose yourself and make sales. This is a fun way to engage with others and make connections, while they learn about your products. Integrated marketing events are found to be very effective, and people appreciate them.


There are so many different ways to use retention marketing to remain in contact with customers and make new connections. For a business to succeed and strive for greatness, retention marketing is highly encouraged and recommended. Kayan Solutions team of professionals will use retention marketing to increase your sales, and attract current/new customers, increasing traffic flow. We are here to help boost your business, and watch you succeed. Contact us for a free consultation today!



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