Social Media Content Fails

Social Media Content Fails

Social Media Content Fails

There are hundreds of thousands of people on social media every hour. Whether they are viewing other people’s accounts, looking at new companies, and learning about products/services, they are always wanting the next best thing. This is a perfect opportunity for a business to promote themselves through good social media content. Social media is an excellent platform for small companies to expand their clientele growth, by putting themselves out there with catchy slogans and messages.

Social Media Fails: You’re Doing it Wrong

If you have great social media content, then you may be reaching your goal of new users in a short amount of time. But, it looks easier than it really is. You must be completely up-to-date with all of the new techniques that others are using, and must be as unique as other companies. Having great content boosts your companies communication, engagement, and distribution.


Fail #1: Your social media accounts are in the center of the public eye. When people hear about your business, they will most likely first go check you out via social media. They will browse your Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to get a gist of your services. The first common sense rule to avoid when creating social media content in West Hills is using your hashtags wrong. Hashtags are a great and smart tactic to use when promoting your services. You can use hashtags that relate to your services and products, and people all over the web can find your company when viewing these specific hashtags. Now, if you use the wrong hashtags, or hashtags that are completely irrelevant to what you are offering, that will lead to a big mistake. This will not only confuse your users, but can offend social media users if they are used in the wrong context. Always make sure you are on top of your hashtags and that they are accurate to your company.

Fail #2Make sure you do not have broken links on social media. Broken links can not only hurt your social media sites, but they can annoy users that are curious about your services. If you miss a space or a period in your link, this will lead users to a 404 page of error. You do not want this to happen, because you can loose valuable clients. Make sure all your links lead to the right places when updating your social media content in West Hills.

Fail #3Don’t have an unprofessional looking profile. Many companies want to make quick social media accounts because they do not have much time on their hands. This looks sloppy and unorganized to your users. Take your time to put up good quality images of your products and services. Cheap looking pictures will not sell people! Update your pages constantly, with new and innovative tactics that will grab your audiences attention. Also, engaging with other users if they have questions about your services is a good communication strategy that will be gladly appreciated.

At Kayan Solutions, we make sure our clients get top notch social media quality. Web pages are updating daily, and new tactics are designed constantly to grab audiences attention. Kayan Solutions maintains their companies social media by brand monitoring, customizing profile designs, and making sure they have the best social media content. Contact Kayan Solutions today for a makeover on your social media content!

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