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Kayan Solutions has strategies to successfully change your online visibility that will result in increased profits, more sales and cost savings. Organic Search We will focus on promoting web-based content that will develop, increase, and continue your online visibility. On-Page SEO Our SEO strategies will increase your online rankings and content on search engines will be user-friendly. Link Building We will concentrate on internal link building that will impact the keywords associated on various search engines. SEO is an important aspect in internet marketing. Kayan Solutions has SEO strategies that can grant you a high-ranking placement in online search results. As par to that strategy, Kayan Solutions provides you with a complete report on SEO keyword rankings, as well as profiles for your index paged and link building. We aim to help our clients increase website traffic flow that will ultimately boost sales. Kayan Solutions are SEO experts that have current training on new guidelines with the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Keyword Research / Strategy Kayan Solutions focuses on keywords. Our Online Content Team uses specific strategies designed...

Social Media


Kayan Solutions has a diverse team with skilled experts trained in SEO services, web design and development, social media marketing and content strategy. Our experts will work on integrating your online business with creative social media aspects. Our team of experts will work with you to tailor your SEO in order to increase your audience base and boost your profit. Kayan Solutions offers Social Media Services that will allow you to connect and share information using different social media avenues, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Brand Monitoring Our team will provide statistics of how your brand is perceived and information on brand improvement. Social Media Content Our content experts will focus on social media content that will increase your visibility quickly. Social Media Management Our team of social media experts can manage your accounts on your behalf and engage with your audience. Setup & Custom Profile Design Our creative teams will design social media profiles that enhance your brand among the intended audience.

Email Marketing


Email marketing yields a positive return on investment (ROI) by having your target audience informed about the latest products, great deals, and newsworthy items. Kayan Solutions will help you create a custom email marketing campaign that is personalized and targeted for the audience you want to gear your business to. The team at Kayan Solutions will design your email marketing campaign, build content, design templates, track your results and provide feedback to you. Email Marketing Strategy Our team will work closely with you to develop approaches to customize the most ideal email marketing campaign based on your business needs. Email Marketing Campaigns The Kayan Solutions team will work with you from start to finish on the email design and template so that we can build a communication network with your target audience that will help you boost your profits by gaining more customers. Email Template Design Our content writers will creatively design the email template and content that is ideal for your business. Tracking & Reporting Kayan Solutions will provide you feedback and details about who is visiting your website...

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Media Audit

Complete company analysis The audit serves as a baseline instrument we use to gage which direction to move in and to provide feedback about what is currently working and not working. This is the time to really delve in and look at what kind of your website traffic. We will give you feedback about any red flags or obstacles that are a result of the audit. Our report will provide recommendations to content marketing and we will discuss the strategies that meet your business goals and needs. The Kayan Solutions team will share our findings and explain them to you in terms you can understand and we will work with you to find solutions to any obstacles that were determined in the website analysis and audit. Ongoing performance strategy Our feedback will allow you update your strategy to optimize your online marketing strategies. Projects optimizing behavior Kayan Solutions experts can project optimizing behavior which can be used to customize a campaign to meet your business needs.



Reputation Management

Kayan Solutions can assist with reputation management to increase online visibility and increase consumer engagement. We can assist with enhancing keywords and content to create a positive reputation or disband content that may be negative about the brand. We will conduct a thorough reputation management analysis by monitoring content on search engines, social media, etc. by using negative content filters to troubleshoot the situation.   The internet can damage a personal or professional reputation very quickly. Having a reputation management system in place is important to maintain the integrity of your brand. Kayan Solution uses state of the art technology and software to collect the data needed to monitor and maintain your brand’s reputation.

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