Integrated Marketing


What is Integrated Marketing Event:

Integrated marketing event is a strategy used in which a presentation of your business services and or products are displayed through in-person seminars, breakfasts, appreciation event, venues, etc.

The Importance of Integrated Event Marketing:

Integrated marketing events are important for both your business and your clientele growth. Marketers need to develop strong customer-relationships with their clients in order to earn their trust. Event Marketing is a way to interact amongst potential buyers and help them get a better understanding of your company and your services.

How We Set Up Your Event:

At Kayan Solutions, we oversee and take full control of your integrated marketing event from A-Z. From coordinating and planning, to organizing your audience, and picking the location space, it is our job to make sure that your event is running smoothly. Kayan Solutions not only takes care of the event itself, but takes care of all the marketing services for it as well.

Integrated Marketing Event Service Vs. Regular Event Coordination Service:

Kayan Solutions goes the extra mile to create new and innovative strategies that will have your guests remember your event. We provide additional social media marketing and PR to boost the event, bring a crew of photographers to the event to capture special moments, make video animations to appear on screens, collect your guests contact information for retention purposes and much more. Kayan Solutions makes sure that we are personally engaged in your event, as we bring influencers to boost your event, they will create a buzz around your event, while other regular event coordinator services will do as little as have just build your event and you are the one to market it

Integrated Marketing Event Service Example:

Jane has had a passion for jewelry for over 6 years. Jane owns a small jewelry booth in the mall, and sells a wide variety of gold and silver jewelry. She is having a really tough time making sales in her business, because she has less customers than she hoped for. She decides to turn to having an appreciation event for all of her customers, so she could make more sales and potentially meet new clients. Kayan Solutions steps in to create the appreciation event for Jane’s customers. Jane’s event will be at the Grand Ballroom in the Beverly Hills Hotel. The event will include music, drinks, and oderves. Kayan Solutions controls the entire event, by picking the location, sending all of Jane’s clients a creative invitation, creating banner showcases, hiring a photography crew, and more. Our company also uses the opt in process to collect new customer’s contact information for her, to give Jane the ability to stay in touch with her customers thru both Email and SMS marketing. Kayan Solutions even invites new potential customers to the event, as well as influencers and celebrities. All Jane was advised to do to prepare herself for this appreciation event is to show up to the event and display her jewelry. Kayan Solutions handles all aspects of the event, leaving their client relaxed and at ease.