Retargeting 101: Why It Remains A Powerful Service

Retargeting 101: Why It Remains A Powerful Service

Retargeting 101: Why It Remains A Powerful Service

Many different services can help you grow your business in the advertising world, but there is one that is often overlooked. Retargeting services are brilliant tactics that non-techy individuals typically do not pick up on, which is what makes it so unique. Kayan Solutions, a retargeting ad company, is here to tell you the importance of this service, and why it continues to stand strong.


How Does It Work?


Here is the best scenario to describe how retargeting works: you are checking out a clothing company for five minutes on your laptop at home. Suddenly, your dog barks non-stop at the door, and you close your computer and see what the fuss is all about. What happens now? You completely forget to go back to that clothing site you were browsing through. You may never end up going back to that site again if it weren’t for retargeting.

Here is where retargeting steps in to give that clothing company a big hand with assistance. Cookies are now enabled into your laptop, which adds you to the list of people to start following for up to 90 days. Ever wonder how you keep seeing the same website pop up everywhere you look on your laptop? This is so you will always be reminded of their website, eventually having you click back and start the shopping process again.

The 4 Benefits Of Retargeting


More engagement with your audience: because this service will work on your targeted traffic who come back to your page, you now have an opportunity to engage with your audience in more meaningful ways easily.

Target your exact demographic: By installing cookies for 90 days, only individuals who are more serious about your business will be browsing and making purchases. Retargeting won’t just display your banners and pop-up ads to random people. These will be shown to only those who would be interested in what you are offering.

Stand out from your competitors. You are guaranteed to have competition online, as most businesses do, but retargeting can help better your chances at more traffic than the competition. Sure, a consumer can remember a big brand of clothing like Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, but if your banners keep popping up everywhere they browse for three months, they are more likely to visit your page before bigger stores.

Bigger and better conversion rates: When you have increased traffic flow to your site, this turns into good leads. These banners will encourage potential customers to get back to your page, as they will think it was a coincidence that the same product they just viewed is now everywhere.  

Diagram of Retargeting

If your business does not have retargeting services, you should consider getting on board. Retargeting is an efficient way to boost more traffic flow to your site and gain more following/customers. Kayan Solutions, a retargeting ad company, is here to help your business grow! Call us today to schedule a free consultation with our CEO. (888) 886-1971.


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