Online Reputation Management: Matching The Offline Reality

Online Reputation Management: Matching The Offline Reality

Online Reputation Management: Matching The Offline Reality

Online reputation management is becoming increasingly vital for many businesses, thanks to the Internet. With technology, that is rapidly evolving, Kayan Solutions offers you some insight on why online reputation management is an important aspect for a successful business. Online reviews on places, such as Yelp, can either help, or hinder your business success.

There are three important functions to online reputation management:

  1. Collecting, monitoring, and responding to feedback from customers through surveys, social media, and review sites at different locations.
  2. Using the feedback to better understand where a business is doing well and where it can strengthen.
  3. Using excellent customer reviews and stories help in generating new leads and broaden the customer base.

Online reviews and feedback have opened the doors of communications with customers. Kayan Solutions will help your business gather reviews, organize it, and analyze it in order to attract new business, increase sales, and satisfy the current customer base.

By encouraging people to leave online feedback, monitoring the reviews for quick a professional responses, will give your business insight on what needs to be done in order to generate higher sales. Since the business is receiving instant feedback via social media, it produces a quicker solution for the lackluster areas of the business.

These days, anything posted online can impact how your business can be viewed by anyone. It is important to be able to publish your own content that is positive and engaging. Doing so will improve online visibility and will give potential customers insight to who you are, as a brand. Online reputation management allows for your business to quickly deal with any type of negativity. By not reacting quickly enough can result in loss of business. By creating a reputation strategy with Kayan Solutions, we will work on how you want your brand image to be and follow through. A business reputation management strategy consists of using SEO for better Google rankings, blogging relevant and engaging content, building social media profiles to reach out to a new customer base, local listings, and monitoring customer feedback.

Online reputation management is the modern day equivalent of “word of mouth” marketing. Online public opinion is what will determine the success of your business and brand. It is important to match a business brand’s online image with the reality of the customer experience.

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