Older Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Making The Cut

Older Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Making The Cut

Older Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Making The Cut

Kayan Solutions cannot emphasize enough how important it is for a business to be in the know of today’s trends. Regardless of what type of business you have or what products you sell, having marketing campaigns that are old and outdated could potentially have you losing clients. Important campaigns to be updated on can include email marketing, an updated website, fresh content writing services, and more. Below are some essential campaigns that are wrongly losing effect on other consumers.


Make Email Marketing More Personable


Email marketing is still useful to many individuals IF you are doing it correctly. Anyone can market their business via email, but if you don’t have fresh content that is both eye-catching and personable, it may be pointless. People appreciate it when you are pleasant to them. They see you as a professional who is caring and taking your time to reach out. Addressing them by their first and last name with a promo or discount that will draw them in is always desired. Here is an example of what to do and what not to do:


What Not To Do: “Dear User”


What To Do: “Dear Rachel Brown”


For the consumer to continue reading your email, you have to ensure that it does not sound spammy in any way. Display a personal message such as “Happy birthday Rachel! As a token of appreciation, enjoy this 15% off coupon on any item we carry!” This type of message will most likely grab their attention to browse your site and see what’s new. It is also important to not sound robotic while sending out emails or texts to customers because that just results in dull and unpleasant content.

email marketing


Another essential part of a successful marketing campaign is to have compelling content that is consistent. Ever noticed a business sending you a link to their social media platforms, to find that they are content-less and very dull? Updating your social media twice per month just will not cut it. People need fresh and exciting posts almost daily, to refresh their memory of your products and services. Clean and updated content is also required for websites, which are equally as important as your social campaigns. Think about it- your site is one of the first things users will check out before trusting your business with what they want and need.


Are you having trouble keeping up with societal trends? This is where Kayan Solutions, an email marketing, and content writing agency is here to help. Give us a call today, and let’s see how we can improve your business! We always offer free consultations for new clients. (888) 886-1971


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