New google Algorithm Update: The “HUMMINGBIRD”

New google Algorithm Update: The “HUMMINGBIRD”

New google Algorithm Update: The “HUMMINGBIRD”

On September 26, 2013, Google announced their new search engine algorithm named “Hummingbird,” due to its “precise and fast” quality.  We can only hope so…

So the following is what we at Kayan Solutions learned about Hummingbird so far:

We know that Google actually launched this algorithm update 1 month ago, but they are announcing it only now (month after).

This update is huge, similar to the “Caffeine Update” back in 2010, which is not a small change. For example, the Panda & Penguin updates were “small” changes compared to this Hummingbird update.  A conversational search has been added and SEO companies are still learning the implications of this feature on the SEO industry.

Google is trying to understand the meaning behind the words and not just follow the “keywords” robotically.

Google told us that the Hummingbird update is paying more attention to each keyword in a query, ensuring that the sentence gets a meaning rather than just piling words together.

Google says “SEO Guidelines remains the same and there’s nothing new or different for SEOs or online marketers to worry about.”

However, with our research and years of experience of “knowing how to read between the lines,” we know that this is not 100% accurate. We have also heard “whispers” from well known high ranking companies and some small SEO Los Angeles companies mentioning how they lost tons of “steady keywords” by focusing on long tail keywords.

You see, most people think that the keyword phrase: “Where to find the best tax attorney in New York” is not a good keyword because it has a long tail keyword. What people don’t understand is that the “conversation rate” of this to become an actual lead/sale is 500% higher then just a shorter keyword.

So most internet marketing companies forget or purposely don’t target these long tail keywords. And if they did rank them, that was only because Google didn’t have “Hummingbird.” Google just used to look for the first page that “has the most number of keywords in that phrase” and list them. This is not the case anymore.

Websites are losing their ranks because Hummingbird is learning and putting meaning behind the words especially for long tail keywords. This seems to support Google saying this is a query-by-query effect, particularly complex ones.

Many SEO Companies in Los Angeles (without mentioning any names) are not even aware of this algorithm update and its implications on their internet marketing strategies.

We at Kayan Solution are prepared for any Google algorithm changes to ensure our clients top ranking positions.

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