Mobile Marketing Do’s And Dont’s

Mobile Marketing Do’s And Dont’s

Mobile Marketing Do’s And Dont’s

Since almost everyone in today’s world is mobile active, you will see most people with their phones in their hands at all times. Since you can find almost anything you want or need on the internet, mobile activity have become the fastest and most rapid growing phenomena. Thus, this is an excellent advantage for business owners to get their food in the door with online marketing through mobile advertising. In today’s society, if you market your campaigns correctly, the result will show with your heavy increase of online traffic. Mobile marketing is a very important tactic, especially for small business owners that need a little push. There are endless possibilities that can happen with mobile marketing services in Beverly Hills, and with a creative team to get you through the door, your business can grow rapidly. But, you have to make sure that you are careful along the way, to avoid the following mistakes:

Mistakes Of Mobile Marketing

#1: Don’t bombard people with calls. If you call the same person over and over again, you will get pushed away by a potential client. Also, if you do not get responses back from your push notifications, than it is suggested to stop sending them. Your potential client knows when someone is being too much, and that will scare them away. You can think about it in such a way as a comparison to dating. If you go on a date, and then the following week text/call that person but they do not respond, then they are probably not interested. The same will go with your business, and if there is no progress from the other side, then you should not continue to bombard them. If you occasionally to once weekly send a notification, that will give the consumer more space to explore your services.

#2. The hours of the day matter. Sending consumers notifications about your business at the wrong hours of the day will completely turn them off. The normal business hours of a typical job are from about 9:00 am- 5:00 pm. Anything before or after that can potentially upset and disturb your consumers, because they are either still sleeping or busy with family and friends. It is very important to remember the perfect times to market your campaigns. If you were to mobile market around 11:00 am, that might not disturb a consumer because they are going about their day. But, if someone were to receive a push notification around 11:00 pm, they will not be happy about that.

#3: Be original and creative. Many marketers may make the mistake of sending the old and boring standard notification to its viewers. This is your change to get creative and come up with promotions and such that others may not have used before. You also need to make sure you present yourself in such a way that will make your company look great. And, you won’t know what will be effective to your audience until you try to switch things up.

#4. Try not to be creepy. Since personalized messages to viewers tends to have better effects and outcomes rather than non-personal ones, this is a change to show your current or potential clients that you really care. But, there is a limit to providing personalized messages. You always should make sure that you do not sound too creepy with your messages. The farthest you can go with being personal is their name, but if you provide too much detail about their personal lives, it may be a turn off and gear someone in the wrong direction.

There are many ways that mobile marketing will be effective for your online campaigns. But, you must make sure that they are done properly and without the simple mistakes that can scare people away. At Kayan Solutions, we specialize in mobile marketing, and know the exact ways to target an audience effectively. Kayan Solutions is here to provide your company with mobile marketing services in Beverly Hills. Call us today for a free consultation!

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