Mobile Click-To-Call

Mobile Click-To-Call

Mobile Click-To-Call

Mobile Click-To-Call is the next best thing for businesses to strive. Mobile Click-To-Call provides online users with your businesses telephone number as a link right next to your online ad. This is a smart tactic for online users to be able to immediately have the option to click the link to your businesses phone number and get connected. Users who click on your phone number through your ad are most likely ready and eager to commit to your services, increasing your revenue. Click-To-Call is a great way to help users who are looking for answers become more aware of your services.

Almost Everyone is Mobile-Active

Our current and future generation relies heavily on mobile devices, especially smart phones. Technology will only continue to grow, which is why it is important for your business to obtain the mobile click-to-call service. Currently, more than half of today’s online searches result in a phone call. This is guaranteed to attract traffic to your website! The user searching for your business will no longer need to go through your website to find contact info, and can now see your number right under your name.

Kayan Solutions just found out that Google has announced the use of imported call conversions. Imported call conversions will help the advertiser keep track of their ads leads. Before imported call conversions, the way for advertisers to keep track of their leading calls is by measuring the call’s length. Now with imported call conversions you are able to measure your important calls from mobile click to call. In order to import your valued call information into  AdWords, you only need a couple simple pieces of data from the caller; You will need the call’s length, when exactly the call had started, and the phone number in which the user called from.

It has now become easier than ever to track your valued calls through AdWords. Kayan Solutions knows that mobile click to call is so important for your business to strive. By making this part of your advertising services, you will be aware and have a track to all of your future sales calls through AdWords. There is no need to continue to measure the length of your calls with this new development. Kayan Solutions wants to see their client’s businesses grow rapidly, and with Mobile click to call, it can.


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