Mistakes Of Managing PPC On Your Own

Mistakes Of Managing PPC On Your Own

Mistakes Of Managing PPC On Your Own

Kayan Solutions shares some common mistakes that you will stumble upon if doing PPC all on your own.

Many business owners decide to take on their PPC management all on their own, thinking that they can save money and time. Because google videos make this look so easy to do on your own, people think that taking on this task is no problem. PPC actually is very time consuming, and because many people have their own day jobs, they neglect to make PPC one of their main priorities. Do-it-yourself PPC business owners actually end up asking for a professionals help, like Kayan Solutions, because they cannot continue it alone.

The first common problem that most people run into is bidding too low. An example is such as a business owner may set a specific key word at $50. This will result in a low percentage impression share for that specific business itself. Also, because of this, the click through rates were extremely dull, showing now positive result.

The second common problem people face is putting way too much information in one specific ad group. Making many of your key words too different is not a good way of doing PPC. Because you have too many different key words in one ad group, this can lead to a break, that will eventually lead to different ad groups.

The third common problem people experience is keeping up with your ads on PPC. This should honestly be your main priority, and is considered to be a full time job. There are tons of new updates and features that PPC is coming up with, and if you are not constantly there to see these changes, you will miss out on what other businesses have. Kayan Solutions found out that once you constantly update to the new features, clients will automatically see results.

Kayan Solutions is here to help. We do not want your business to fail due to managing your own PPC. We understand that your business is first priority, which is why we want to make your PPC the best it can possibly be. We manage all of our clients PPC and have never received better results!


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