It’s All About Mobile Advertising

It’s All About Mobile Advertising

It’s All About Mobile Advertising

Almost every single individual owns a mobile device, which means they are probably on it for a certain amount of hours each day. When it comes to digital media, over half of the time that is being spent on this by users are done through mobile devices and iPads or other tablets. If you are a struggling business owner, the best possible way to reach your targeted audience could be through mobile advertising Los Angeles. Kayan Solutions, a mobile advertising company is here to tell you why you need this feature.

Mobile Ads

A majorly effective way to target a specific audience is through text message marketing. Research shows that 99% of mobile users will read a text message that is sent to their phones. Imagine how many people will read your advertising if you sent it to them via SMS. This effective way alone will give you user engagement. Whether you have a small business or a big corporation, this type of service can get both types of businesses some great results.

A smart way to attract user attention is to send SMS advertisements with a catchy phrase or a great deal/discount. For example, if you have a clothing company, you can send out an ad saying “Become a member and save 10% on your first order” or “Free shipping”, etc. If you have a restaurant business, there are also some smart tactics to use. You can have an advertisement on each of your dining tables that say “text the word FOOD to 98734 and get a free drink!”. This way, you will gain access to your customers phone numbers, and send them advertisements on their cell phones whenever you want.

Since many smartphone users use many different apps on their phones. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc., apps are a form of entertainment or a news worthy supplier for individuals. Because most smart phone users have installed apps on their phone, this is a perfect way to target an audience with an advertisement. Have you ever noticed on the Pandora app that there are banners of adds every time a song is over? This is a huge way to target an audience and boost traffic flow. At Kayan Solutions, we can make this possible for your company.

If you are in need of mobile advertising Los Angeles, give our professionals a call today, for a completely free consultation! Start taking the right path for your business, and make it thrive with our services!


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