Is Your Website Even Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Even Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Even Mobile Friendly?

Congratulations! You have an awesome website for your business. But, an important question to ask yourself is if you have a mobile friendly website. This is extremely important, and is something that is often overlooked by business owners. Kayan Solutions, a web development company, is here to help you figure out if your site is mobile friendly, and why it is important for today’s digital realm.


Mobile Friendly? How Can I Tell?


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Almost all of us are consistently using our smartphones on the daily. Whether it be to check our emails, text a friend, Yelp a great lunch spot nearby, find the closest gas station, etc., we rely on our phones heavily. Let’s say you have a dry cleaning company and a website for it. There will definitely be users who are searching for dry cleaning companies in their area and your business might pop up on Google. What is the first thing that they will do? Probably click on your website and check you out before choosing to drop off their clothes at your place. And how are they most likely viewing the site? Through their mobile phones.


Here’s how to tell if your site is mobile friendly:


Check your website on a desktop computer VS. on your mobile device. On your computer your website will most likely look good– all the content is showing up, the photos are in the right placements, etc. That is something you can check off the list. Next, go to the internet on your mobile device and type in your website. Does it look identical to how it is on a desktop? If your website is not mobile friendly, you could notice some glitches, missing details, duplicate images, the website not taking up the full screen, and more. The second you notice something is even slightly different to the mobile website, chances are it is not mobile friendly. Since most individuals browse companies through their smartphones, they would rather check out your site there over a desktop. There are also Google search options that will allow you to plug in your website, and it will tell you if it is mobile friendly. This way, you will know instantly if it ranks.


Another reason to make sure your website is mobile friendly is for Google. Did you know that Google will place mobile friendly sites first over non mobile friendly sites? This means that you have better rank once your site is fixed by a professional company, such as Kayan Solutions. And, the better you rank on Google, the more likely you are to build traffic and gain new customers.  Google highly encourages this for every website out there, and they emphasize the importance of it constantly.


Mobile friendly websites are a must. They make it easier and more simpler for users to find you instead of searching all over for your website. It gives your brand a great reputation, and it makes your company look good. Why not make the switch and update your site to be more mobile friendly? All this can be possible with Kayan Solutions, a web development company. Our team can get started on improving your business to help you strive! Call us today to schedule a free consultation.


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