Interactive Storytelling: The Future of Content Marketing

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Interactive Storytelling: The Future of Content Marketing

The future of content marketing is here and it comes in the form of interactive storytelling. Interactive storytelling is to be shown a story rather than reading about it. This can be done through immersive websites, videos, and images. This present, and future, form of marketing puts your customer at the forefront and centers on them, rather than having everything being about you. Examples of interactive storytelling are e-commerce websites encouraging their costumers to send images of the products they have purchased and podcast hosts inviting their listeners to be co-hosts.

What makes interactive storytelling successful is that it encourages consumers to feel included, a “me too” attitude. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is exclude the consumer; storytelling makes everyone feel inclusive. Kayan Solutions can help your company provide a platform for your costumers to interact and use creative thinking for a marketing campaign that is beyond what you expect. Interactive storytelling is all about thinking outside of the box, which gives your company a chance to capture the imagination of your consumers and using it to create a one-of-a-kind marketing campaign. It moves the focus away from you and places it in the hands of future consumers and creates long-term costumers.

Interactive storytelling may start in a boardroom meeting, or an office, but it can end up on social media sites around the world due to its inclusive nature. The best part is that you are no longer just “telling” the world about your product or services your company is offering, but you are “showing” people what it is you have and why people (potential consumers) should be apart of it. For example, TOMS shoes created the one-for-one model, where you buy one pair of shoes and TOMS shoes would donate a pair of shoes to someone in need. It’s a great marketing strategy because it takes the attention away from the company. Suddenly, it’s not about buying a pair of shoes anymore, but it is a grander story behind buying these specific pairs of shoes.

Interactive storytelling/marketing has seen a lot of success and Kayan Solutions can help your company come up with a unique storytelling marketing strategy that would make your consumers feel included. The best thing about interactive storytelling is that it can only evolve and become better because it is a collective effort, as everyone wants to be part of something that is bigger than themselves.


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