How Your Current SEO Company Can Penalize Your Rankings

How Your Current SEO Company Can Penalize Your Rankings

How Your Current SEO Company Can Penalize Your Rankings

Just because your hired SEO company is showing improvements in your businesses sales, doesn’t mean you should completely trust them. There are many incidents where a company’s revenue increases drastically from their SEO agent in Beverly Hill’s work, but then finding themselves getting penalties and site shut-downs from Google because of the illegal tricks they pull to benefit themselves.

How Google Can Penalize Your Site!

Google is always looking over your SEO company’s shoulder, and you should too. The main mistake with these companies is that they convince their clients that they have everything under control and that they never need weekly communications and updates because they are experts. This is where business owners let loose and don’t pay attention to what their agents are up to.

The first way to get penalized:

           – If your website has a bad backlink, this is a serious warning sign. This is when your website links to other pages. Having a good backlink is crucial for your company, but it a little bit of effort to do. Many SEO companies are simply too lazy and/or uneducated to make your backlinks the right way. They will find ways to do your backlinks very cheaply, and yes this will still give you a push with your rankings, but only for a short period of time until Google figures it out. Then this will lead to Google constantly keeping watch of your site, lowering your viewers by a good amount, and making your site less valuable. Many SEO companies pay programs that are automated for their clients, and Google makes it clear that this is not allowed.

          – If your website has almost identical content as many others. What many lazy search engine optimization companies will do whom simply do not have time to write descriptive content for all their clients, is copy information. They will find a good phrase from a competitors website, take that phrase and change the synonyms. This will change a couple words, but still sound very similar. Google will catch on to this as well- even if SEO companies think that they won’t. This is an excellent way for your agent to take these phrases, paste it on their hundreds of client’s websites, and move on to the next.

A Great Example of Copied Content From An SEO Company:

  • (Original) This coffee is great, it helps me get through my day.
  • (Copied)This coffee is wonderful, it allows me to stay awake all day

– If your website contains fake reviews about your products/services- another warning sign. Many SEO companies will not tell you, but they are the ones writing most of your reviews. While you may think that all of your reviews are from true & reliable fans of your services, its most likely your search engine optimization agent. They find sneaky tactics to post reviews for you on big search engines such as Yelp and Google +. Google can easily catch fake reviews on Yelp, mostly if all of your reviews look too good to be true. If you have perfect ratings and perfectly written comments on every post, there is most likely something fishy. Google can quickly catch on to these factors and penalize all of your review postings, leading you to a crash in revenue and new clients. There are many different ways that Google can penalize your online campaigns due to the famous work of these lazy and uneducated companies. Your rankings can be lowered instantly by hiring the wrong person, and more specifically, not paying attention to what they are doing. Your brand represents you as a person, and with penalties, your brand will only fail you. Kayan Solutions knows all of the “secretive” tactics of SEO agents in Beverly Hills. We do everything to avoid these penalties and consequences, and ensure our clients have the best online campaigns for their business. You need to immediately get rid of your hired company if you are suspecting or experiencing any of these warning signs. Call Kayan Solutions today for a free consultation, and a fresh start at a great campaign!

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