How Yelp Can Help Deliver Success to Business Owners

How Yelp Can Help Deliver Success to Business Owners

How Yelp Can Help Deliver Success to Business Owners

Yelp is growing every single day, and whether you love the app or hate the app is not really important. Yelp is an extremely smart tactic to gain and attract consumers to your business, regardless if your company is big or small. Kayan Solutions, a digital advertising agency, is here to tell you some of the perks that Yelp can provide for small business owners, and large ones too.


Why You Need To Get On Board


Luckily, Yelp came out with a new feature called “Business Yelp” that is specifically only for claimed companies. Our team of professionals can handle this entire process, so that you will not feel overwhelmed or frustrated with it. You may be wondering if it is worth it to put your business information and publicize yourself on Yelp. The answer is always YES.


Hundreds of thousands of people are on their mobile devices looking up businesses on Yelp daily. If you post about your company on there, imagine how many views you can get, and how many customers you can gain. This is what users look to Yelp for:

  1. Hot new restaurants
  2. Retail shops
  3. Fitness Centers
  4. Doctors/Dentists
  5. Mechanics, plumbers, electricians

& much more.


Yelp gives individuals easy access to top rated companies, which include company information (hours, address, employees) as well as photos, reviews and ratings. Yes, it gets pretty personal on this app, but customers gain more trust from your business by knowing the ins and outs, and relying on other people’s reviews to feel more confident with you.


The creative team at Kayan Solutions can and will create for your company a page that will grab consumers’ attentions. We make sure that users are engaged and pulled into your business and all it has to offer. Our goal is to make YOU look good, and by being Yelp active, you will begin to see rapid results. Also, engaging with others on Yelp is very important, and this includes answering to inbox messages, replying on customer reviews, and more.


Yelp is constantly growing, and does so everyday. This is a perfect opportunity for your business to get it’s name out there to the world. Call Kayan Solutions today for a free consultation, and get started on your marketing campaigns!

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