How Retention Marketing Builds Customer Relationships

How Retention Marketing Builds Customer Relationships

How Retention Marketing Builds Customer Relationships

In order for your clients to gain your trust and build a loyalty bond with you, it is important to be up to date with your retention marketing. This will not only allow you to work with the same clients for longer periods of time, but will give them an opportunity to use your products/services more often.

 Types Of Retention Marketing

There are different ways to use retention marketing services in Los Angeles for your current/new clients.  To start, social media engagement is a good key factor. When you post something on social media about your company and the services/products you have to offer, people might comment on it. Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are good resources to engage with people about your company. You should answer all questions that people have and give them contact information for further questions. This will open up a social path for you and your clients, and make them feel comfortable. The more you engage with your customers, the more they will put their trust into your hands.  Social media opnes up many doors- where viewers can like, comment, and even share your posts for others to see.

Use email marketing to remind clients about your services, and let them know what is new. Almost all business owners are constantly on their phones, and look at their emails 24/7. This is a perfect chance to send a friendly reminder via email by sending them newsletters, promotions about new products and services, personal thank you letters for their business, exclusive deals, and much more. This is a way for them to constantly remember your company when they open their emails, and if you offer great exclusive deals, they will be coming back for more. Thank you letters are great ideas to send out every few months, and customers will feel even more important and loyal to your business than ever. You want your clients to know that they are in the best hands, and that they come first, always.

 Personal Messages For Clients

Send your clients a nice text message on special occasions. A great marketing tactic is to remember your clients birthdays, and to personally go out of your way to send a happy birthday text to them on their special day. People will 99% read their text messages daily, so they will definitely see this sweet and sincere message. This will not only make them smile, but this will make them think more highly of your company. This will increase the loyalty of your brand immensely. Another great idea for text message marketing on special occasions is for the holidays. A Merry Christmas text or a Happy Hannukah text are also perfect gestures for retention marketing. You can also offer some type of promotion for the holidays, or a discount on an item because it is the client’s birthday. These are great ways to inform your clients about your latest services without turning them away.

Integrated Marketing Events are smart ways to sell more products and services to your current clients, while gaining new clients at the same time. This is done by the Kayan Solutions team, where their team of professionals takes full control of your event, by hosting, picking the venue, inviting your guests, and arranging the details. This event is a place to display your products and make sales, while having an eventful night with food and drinks. By hosting an event, you can easily gain new clients who will be interested in your services. This will also allow you to take down a list of new contacts who came to the event, and get in touch with them shortly after about your services.

There are many different ways to tactic your customers through retention marketing services in Los Angeles.  It is one of the most important ways to constantly stay in contact with your clients, and remind them of what you have to offer. Kayan Solutions’ team of professionals provides all the retention marketing services that your company needs to stay loyal to your customers. Give us a call today, and see how your business will transform for the better.

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