Google Brings Sidebar Ads Front and Center

Google Brings Sidebar Ads Front and Center

Google Brings Sidebar Ads Front and Center

There was a point in time when advertising on the Internet was considered a practice that was virtually unheard of. It was a gamble, but now, it is an effective and ingenious way to increase your business. In this digital age, your company will come to heavily rely on increasing its online presence. With Kayan Solutions, you can expect great results with relevant content that will aid in boosting your company’s search results.

Monumental changes have occurred with Google’s search engine’s results page (SERPs). These changes affect a vast percentage of searches focused paid search results. The changes include Google’s removal of the right-hand sidebar. Ads now appear over the organic and local results. You may be asking yourself, what does this mean for me, as a business owner? Kayan Solutions will help you understand how this will affect you as a business owner and your marketing strategies in a digital age.

Paid ads bring in a lot of revenue, Google knows this, and that is why the company has constantly made changes to increase the number of searches which lead to paid ad clicks. Google makes more than $100 million per day from paid ads, according to a 2012 Search Engine Land report. The reason behind Google’s recent changes is the company is pushing to create similar user experience across all devices. Whether you are using a laptop, or a mobile device, the SERPs are nearly identical. This means that you will be able to increase online viewership and more people will be able to view your ad since the user experience will be the same all across the board.

With the recent changes at Google, this further advances the need for business to have a paid search component to their online marketing. With constant changes being made, the only sure way to have an online presence is to participate on Google Adwords. Kayan Solutions can help your company keep up with the constant changes that are being made to paid online advertising.

Kayan Solutions is a company that stays ahead of the curb when it comes to digital marketing. We are constantly on the lookout for upcoming digital marketing trends so that we can better service your business with the latest trends. We can help start-up and already established businesses raise their advertising game by making your ad texts so captivating that it will increase your business. We specialize in creating ad texts that are uniquely consistent and fresh in order to increase the number of clicks on your landing page.

Kayan Solutions works to increase your company’s Quality Score, which will bring more people. In doing so, it will help your business keep the average ad position in a high place while keeping the costs within your budget low. It’s not all about positioning your ad on the top four ad spots on the Google search paid. The world of online marketing will continue to advance and change, don’t get left behind and lose potential business to your competition.

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