Good Email Marketing Vs. Bad Email Marketing

Good Email Marketing Vs. Bad Email Marketing

Good Email Marketing Vs. Bad Email Marketing

Do you ever give your email out to companies unintentionally, and then they spam you with promotions and special offers? Well, there are proper ways to perform email marketing for small businesses without being obnoxious and overwhelming. Email marketing is an excellent way to target your brand’s audience and draw more attention to outsiders. Kayan Solutions, a team of professional email marketers are here to explain the correct ways to properly send out an email to your subscribers.


Examples of BAD Email Marketing:


  1. Sending out constant spam mail. This is something that will most likely cause your potential customers to hit that unsubscribe button quickly. Sending out too many emails per week is a big no-no in the world of advertising, and people can soon become an enemy to your brand.
  2. Sending out a mass email. Your consumers will most likely catch on to this, because your message is so general and unengaging. This can have you seem very lazy and not appreciative of your customers. Taking the time to personally address each customer can make a big difference. For example, adding their name to the head of the email will make them feel like the message is personally sent to them.
  3. Being too salesy. This is something that can happen very easily, but should be avoided at all costs. You need to think of a creative strategy to get your subscribers to support your company without seeming like a sales person. Consumers need some sort of nurturing and attention to show your appreciation for them before they can commit to your business.

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Examples of GOOD Email Marketing


  1. Having a creative & catchy subject line. The subject line is the eye-opener and one of the most important parts of your email. This can either cause your  subscribers to click and view your message, or ignore/ delete it. A great subject line will say something that people want to hear, or are interested in reading more about. They should be short, smart, and to the point.
  2. Easy and nice-looking unsubscribe links below. Have you ever seen those crazy long links for unsubscribing? This automatically is a turnoff for people, as they will want to click that link very quickly. Having an easy and simple unsubscribe button will make your users appreciate it more.
  3. Creating great content with a very clear message. Don’t talk about yourself and how wonderful your company is. Stick with an action plan and put it out there for everyone to be able to see. Start with the more important things first, and the rest will follow. Find something about your company that everyone could use more of and target your audience based on that.


Kayan Solutions, an email marketing company for small businesses, is here to help you with email marketing! Our professional team of content writers can create emails for your customers that are attractive, engaging, and important. Call us today for a free consultation.

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