Catchy Email Marketing Techniques

Catchy Email Marketing Techniques

Catchy Email Marketing Techniques

Whether your business is at a downfall, or if it is heading for the right track, you should always think of new and unique ways to keep boosting traffic and to gain new clients. A very simple and innovative way to attract user attention is through affordable email marketing services. This is a more powerful way to grab hold of new or current customers. Did you know that almost 90% of individuals check their emails daily, if not hourly? Emailing is a very important part of people’s lifestyles, as it is a way to communicate with others quickly and efficiently. Kayan Solutions, an email marketing company Los Angeles, will share with you the most creative ways to grab an audiences attention to your site through this feature.

How To Target With Email Marketing

Since most people check their emails frequently, there should not be a reason that they won’t see your creative emails. The main key here is to show your clients or new potentials that they are very important to you. Show them that you appreciate them and want them to keep coming back to you. First, the longer your email is to your clients, the more sincere and legit you will sound. Studies show that shorter emails are more often not taken as seriously than longer emails. This will show that you took the time to write something special for them, and they should probably be reading it.


  1. Giving discounts to your services-people LOVE discounts. Who would want to turn down a great and affordable discount for something that they need? By giving monthly discounts to your loyal customers or even new ones, this will have them coming back for more products. With this, you can get creative. A very common discount many businesses will give people is “Click here to redeem this 15% off coupon towards your next purchase!” Or “We are giving a special 10% off to all of our loyal clients” are great examples of email re-targeting.
  2. Special shipping savings. Online shoppers love the word “free shipping”. If your business does not offer this feature, sometimes it would be a good idea to offer it. When a person is used to paying shipping for your products, having this for free can seem exciting for them. It can encourage them to spend more money on your products, and give your company more sales. If a person is a huge online shopper, they know that shipping can be a hassle and annoying. You can also come up with something like, “Free shipping on orders over $50” which will make them want to spend that much money to get the free shipping.
  3. Loyalty Programs. This is a great way to make your clients feel special. It is actually an important concept to have in your business, and will attract new clients as well. The point of a loyalty program is to get the first insight on special rewards, discounts, events, newsletters, etc. By asking people to sign up for the loyalty program, this will benefit you tremendously.
  4. Show appreciation on holidays/birthdays. People will appreciate your emails on special holidays. Tell your clients “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Years”. These inclusive emails will look like you care and personally wrote this for them. The best way to target from email is to send happy birthday emails to your clients. Everyone feels a little happier when you get emails from companies telling you happy birthday. This will have your clients stay loyal to you for a longer period!

There are so many different ways to target your audience through affordable email marketing services. Whether your company is doing well, or if it is having some trouble, this type of service will help benefit you tremendously. Considering this service? Contact our email marketing company Los Angeles, Kayan Solutions today.

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