Can Your SEO Consultant Answer All These Questions?

Can Your SEO Consultant Answer All These Questions?

Can Your SEO Consultant Answer All These Questions?

When it comes to your business, you will do almost anything in your power to make sure it is successful. You want the best possible advertising to boost your revenue, so you decide to hire an SEO consultant to do the job for you. Have you thoroughly researched about your hired SEO company in Los Angeles? Not asking your hired search engine optimization consultant the proper questions before handing your business over to them is a huge mistake many people make. You want to make sure you can trust that person, because they have your most treasured asset in their hands. Often times, it is difficult for these consultants to completely answer all of your questions, either because they don’t have an answer or they just have little experience with advertising. To hear the questions you should ask your agent before hiring, continue reading.

Questions To Ask Your SEO Consultant

You are considering hiring your SEO agent to take on the job, and you are confident in what they are telling you that they can help your business succeed. Here are some questions to ask before jumping to the hiring process.

  1. Will you be updating me on every change you apply to my business site?

This is a very important question to ask your agent. Because they will make a lot of different changes to your site, it is very important to be updated constantly and be in the loop about new adjustments. If you want them to ask for permission before making changes to your site, you should ask to do so. Many SEO companies do not want to deal with updating their clients on changes, because it takes too much of their time and they want to finish as many sites as possible per day.

2. How do you plan on improving my rankings online?

This is a question that must be asked when dealing with SEO companies, and their answer should be unique and different. As a business owner, you need to make sure that they really know the ins and outs of your company, and create content that is different than your competitors. Many SEO companies will not take the time to get to know your company, and will just copy the same or very similar content they get from your competition to fill up your site. Since many business owners are helpless when it comes to advertising and marketing, they won’t know this is happening to them. You need to know that the company you hired will improve your online rankings and attract traffic flow through special tactics.


3. Will my company’s website reach a number 1 ranking on big search engines?

If your SEO company will right away answer this question with a “yes”, than this is a huge warning sign to drop everything and run as fast as you can. If this agent is promising you to be number one on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and/or Bing, they are lying to you. And, many of them will tell you that they have special relationships or connections with these search engines, which is most likely not possible. This is a question no one can actually guarentee a client, and by saying yes you know you cannot trust them.

A question you can ask yourself is: Does your company have both acquisition AND retention marketing? This is a big factor that will make your business successful, but SEO companies do not provide to their clients. On the other hand, Kayan Solutions, a full service digital marketing agency, does. They make sure that their clients have both acquisition and retention marketing such as TV commercials, PPC, Facebook boosts, SMS and email marketing, and much more. These are all crucial elements to have that make your business stronger, and many SEO companies do not have time to provide these services.

A last and final question to ask your SEO company is:

4. Will we be communicating and how many times through out the week?

This question is a key factor, because without communication you will not be in the loop about any updates or changes, and you will basically be invisible to your SEO agent. There have been many cases in which a hired agent will not pick up phone calls and refuse to talk to clients about changes. Unlike SEO companies, Kayan Solutions makes it their number one priority to get in contact with their clients weekly, if not more. They will ask permission on any changes and keep them in the loop to ensure their satisfaction.

Kayan Solutions values their clients happiness, which is why they are a number one priority. You should consider all of these questions before hiring an SEO company in Los Angeles, before you make a big mistake. Kayan Solutions is here to help your business strive, call us today for a free consultation!

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