Brand Marketing Through Facebook

Brand Marketing Through Facebook

Brand Marketing Through Facebook

As you may know, Facebook is the leading online social media platform of our time. Hundreds of millions of Facebook profiles have been made, and are active daily. Imagine how many people connect with one another from all over the world through messages, photos, videos, and more. There are billions of things to discover on Facebook, including new businesses and services. Why not promote yours and spread the word about what you offer through brand marketing on this social media platform? With Facebook marketing for small businesses, you can see results rapidly. Kayan Solutions, an online marketing agency, helps their clients grow with the push of Facebook to get their brand out there.


3 Benefits of Using Facebook For Marketing

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With the help of our marketing professionals, your business can be exposed to a larger audience and demographic, more quickly. Here are three main reasons as to why your business should jump on the Facebook bandwagon immediately:


  1. Your brand will look more legit. People need to see visuals of your business, not just hear of it through word of mouth. Facebook allows you to do all of this. Advertising on this platform allows you to take your brand to the next level and get exposed in a unique way, with our creative team at hand. It is easy to influence and attract an individual to your business and what you are selling if you have the right advertising and strategic tactics behind your campaigns. And, the more people view it, share your campaigns/posts, like it, the more clientele you will receive. Facebook leaves a memory integrated in one’s mind, once they see an ad or campaign that really caught their attention. This could be your business’s products or services that are “programmed” in their brains for even up to a few days!
  2. Your brand will be more trusted. You want people to believe in your business, in order for them to become long-term clients. Through Facebook, it is easier for others to trust in your brand, based off of what you show them, and what they see through your fans. For example, you post a video of a product that you sell, and people comment it saying how reliable and how great that product was when they purchased it. This builds a relationship of trust for potential clients. The more volume you have, the more people are to think that what you are selling is the absolute best. Also, being engaging and active on this platform will give others a more warm feeling towards your business. Even personally replying to them through their own page or the comment box will show them that you care and appreciate their business.
  3. Your audience can be targeted by demographic. This is probably the best part of using Facebook to promote your business. With this, you can select the exact location in which individuals are from. For example, if you have a dry cleaning business in the heart of Los Angeles, it wouldn’t make sense to promote your business to people in San Francisco or even San Diego, but rather specifically locals in LA itself. Let’s say you have a beauty product line selling lipsticks, mascaras, and more. Facebook gives you the option of going for targeted ads towards more women than men, which makes sense for this type of business. There are many more ways to create an audience for your campaigns. Our team knows exactly how to do this for your business.


Kayan Solutions, an online marketing agency, can take your business to the next level, and include Facebook marketing for your small business. Interested in hearing more? Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation with our team.


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