Black Hat Vs. White Hat SEO: Know The Difference

Black Hat Vs. White Hat SEO: Know The Difference

Black Hat Vs. White Hat SEO: Know The Difference

There are two types of SEO (search engine optimization) which are black hat, and white hat. Many people who use SEO companies Woodland Hills for their businesses do not know the difference between the two, which is very important. Kayan Solutions, a full service advertising agency constantly educates their clients on obtaining good white hat affordable SEO services LA. Here are the differences between these two search engine optimization companies:

Black Hat Vs. White Hat

Black Hat SEO is very commonly done. If you currently hired an SEO agent to take over your company’s campaigns, they most likely are performing this tactic if they promised you quick results for a cheap price. The way this service works is by using techniques that are shady and illegal by Google and big search engines to “naturally” boost up your site. This may seem great to you in the beginning and you  may experience some good results, but it will only be temporary. Eventually, Google will realize that your rankings are being done with black Hat SEO, and penalize you. Here are some ways that this type of tactic will eventually ruin your online reputation:


  1. Black Hat SEO’s techniques are completely considered corrupt by big search engines like Google.
  2. This method is definitely NOT approved by big search engines, although your agent will tell you otherwise.
  3. Using this method will eventually damage your business, by lowering all of your rankings, shut you out of Google, ban and/or penalize you from returning to search engines.
  4. Black Hat tricks include: website and blog spamming, keyword stuffing, disguised pages, etc.
  5. Black Hat agents duplicate content with your competitors, because they may be: lazy, uneducated, and/or do not have time to make you new content

White Hat SEO is a much better and legal form of boosting up your online rankings, which is what every business owner paying companies to do for them should know about. These tactics follow exact search engine regulations and rules and go by a certain guideline. There is no spamming of keywords and content, there is just plain good-written content that is never duplicated. Most often, agents who perform White Hat SEO are professionals, who have years of experience with this method and have great writing skills. Here are the ways that White Hat SEO can actually improve your rankings at a steady pace and in a legal way:

  1. There is absolutely no deception from White Hat methods to search engines, and as previously stated they follow regulations.
  2. All search engines approve of this method
  3. You will never get penalized or punished for using this method, because everything done is strictly legal.
  4. White Hat SEO is all done by web design, good quality content, tags relevant to your business, and a lot of research.

Unfortunately, may business owners in need of desperate help turn to the wrong companies for it. Since many individuals are not educated about these companies, they only pay the price in the end when the agent they trusted lead their site to be banned or penalized online. Kayan Solutions provides affordable SEO services LA along with many other services. While we are a full service advertising agency, we only believe in doing it the right way, the white hat way. Contact our SEO company Woodland Hills for a free consultation.

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