Black Hat SEO 101

Black Hat SEO 101

Black Hat SEO 101

Although there are many services that should be attained in order to build a successful business campaign, SEO is something that is needed. If you are a business owner, you have most likely heard of SEO and all that it does for the growth of businesses, like ranking high on search engines like Google. But, what most business owners don’t know is that there is black hat SEO and white hat SEO. Kayan Solutions, an SEO agency Los Angeles, is here to tell you the difference between the two, and why to be extra cautious about getting involved with black hat.

Stay Far Away From Black Hat SEO

We get it; most business owners will do everything they can to save money on advertising. But, when it comes to an essential and sensitive service such as SEO, going cheap can hurt you. Stumbling across the web, you may find more than 100 “companies” in your area that are strictly offering SEO services at an affordable price that you cannot turn down. Once you meet with an “SEO professional,” that will promise you everything from A-Z, and an open communication relationship together. What happens after you pay these guys to grow your business? They disappear. Your work gets outsourced to India where they will take over and give you duplicate content/ SEO campaigns as your competitors.

Here is what can happen with a black hat SEO company working for you:
1. Your content will be the same as your competitors, website and all. Duplicate content is a big mistake, and big search engines like Google and Bing will eventually penalize your company for this.

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2. Your SEO company will perform keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is done by using the same types of keywords, multiple times throughout your content to get you to rank. Sure, this could help you out a little bit, but when Google or Bing finds out you are doing this, they can shut down your website.

3. Your agents will suddenly disappear and stop answering your calls. Did they promise to have plenty of time for your questions and concerns? Did they tell you to call the office whenever you need to? Most likely, SEO guys are too busy to pick up your call, as they have 100 other companies to ruin. Goodluck getting their attention once they cash your check!


White hat SEO, also known as the SEO angel, is the complete opposite. This is done for businesses without breaking any rules, and following all procedures of significant search engines. Here is what will happen when Kayan Solutions, a white hat SEO agency works for you:
1. High-quality original content will be produced. Our in-house content team will make sure to go against your competitors and come up with fresh/exciting content. We never outsource our work to another team, as black hat SEO does.
2. Original keywords that are descriptive and relating to your services. Our team spends much time researching the right keywords to use per business, to ensure they rank higher on Google. These keywords are not plugged into each post four times, as black hats do.
3. Creates websites that are easy to use and navigate. There is nothing more frustrating than a site that is confusing and complicated. We believe in simplicity, and just that we give our clients. Your website will be eye-catching and creative while being easy to navigate.

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There are many more reasons to turn down black hat SEO companies. Most of them are going to hurt you instead of help you. If your business is in need of new marketing services, give our SEO agency Los Angeles a call today! Our representatives can set up an in-person free consultation! (888) 886-1971.

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