Bad Reviews? You Need Online Reputation Management

Bad Reviews? You Need Online Reputation Management

Bad Reviews? You Need Online Reputation Management

Social media has rapidly become the most popular thing for millions of people world wide. This is a good thing, but can also be a negative thing for business owners. Since everyone is on social media 24/7, it is a great way to get your business brand out there and promote yourself. This can help get you tons of clients and leads, but if someone is not happy with your services, than they put it out there for social media to be aware of. Your business is one of your most treasured assets, as you most likely devoted much of your time in to make it perfect. What would you do if your online business came crashing down? This is where Kayan Solutions, the best reputation management company LA steps in and helps. Online reputation management services are very important for one to obtain, as it can save you from your struggling business.

Perks Of Online Reputation Management

Social media is an individuals’ own platform to share and express many different things. They can openly discuss current situations, post pictures, share videos, and more importantly: write reviews for businesses. Did you know that more than 85% of people who read a bad review online will decide to not go with that company? This is because individuals build a trust with one another online, and are influenced by these reviews. If people are leaving great and positive reviews for your business, you can expect to grow bigger with more increasing sales. Let’s face it, we all refer to other customer reviews before purchasing an online product. All people look for when they are in the process of making a decision to purchase an item, is some descriptions and details to help them feel good about buying. And, since often times it is not enough of a description they feel comfortable with, they take the next step and read all of your reviews. Our online peers make us feel much more comfortable with their opinions, because they have had first hands-on experience with this company and their products/services.


With what your company sells online being completely public and filled with personal reviews, your only option is to keep a good name for yourself with online reputation management services. This service allows Kayan Solutions to monitor everything that is going on with your online business, including reviews and mentions that individuals post about you. Not only is it great to keep track of your business, but this can benefit you in many ways. It is hard to keep up with the online world, and sometimes you may not even know what individuals are saying about you. Knowing all of this information can help you improve your company. For example, if multiple people say that you have slow shipping rates, than maybe you can try to step it up and increase them to get more positive shipping reviews. Also if a product is not as good as they thought, you can try to improve it before sending more of them out.

As the best reputation management company LA, Kayan Solutions makes it their duty to help their clients online businesses to reach great success. Our team will work hard to portray all of your positive and great reviews at the top so that your consumers can get a real idea of your business. Our team also works hard to encourage current clients that are very happy with your brand to post more good reviews. This will help other potential clients realize that you have customer loyalists that stick with you because of your amazing services. Also, it is very important to increase visibility online when people search for products like yours. You do not want your potential clients to turn to your competitors over you, so making your brand more visible online is our goal as well. Having a managed business on a regular basis with strong keywords, better content, PPC, etc., will help boost you to the top of the charts.

Our team has many years of experience with online businesses that obtain bad reviews for their brand. Making sure you obtain more and better positive reviews and put your brand on top of your competitors is how we will manage your reputation. Boosting your sales and gaining new clients is our goal for you. Call Kayan Solutions today for a free consultation on online reputation management services.




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