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With over 12 years of experience specializing in Marketing and Strategy, Kayan Solutions has become an industry leader in both traditional & online marketing. Part of what makes our team Kayan Solutions succeed in the advertising world is attributed to the innovative and modern approaches we take. For example, we provide both acquisition & retention marketing for our clients; We don’t just focus on the basic aspect, such as clicks or rankings. We find that there are many different elements that factor into the search marketing equation, so we use various strategies including tracking return on investment (ROI). We calculate the ROI of the marketing channels for our clients to demonstrate the solid reasons of how the campaign is profitable and worth the cost of the investment.

Our team is comprised of industry experts with many years of experience with internet marketing strategy, web design, marketing (digital marketing, social media marketing, Video marketing, Email marketing, PR, TV & more. Our goal is to increase the business visibility of each of our clients. We have always believed in working as a team to accomplish all our goals and we credit our accomplishments to our in-house experts who work together seamlessly until everyone on the team is 100% satisfied. (We never outsource our work to India!!! like  97% of  “SEO companies”). Our team is able to continuously learn a tremendous amount from the CEO and mastermind behind Kayan Solutions,Kayan Mashi. Kayan brings our team the technological & managerial tactics he learned from the Israeli military, specifically as a highly classified officer in the Computing Division of the Israeli Air Force. This has provided the team with winning strategies and creative tools for successful campaigns.

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At Kayan Solutions, we give our clients focused attention by personally meeting with them and visiting their place of business on a monthly basis. We work closely with our clients and we provide answers and solutions in a simplified way so that we are all on the same page. We have designed and marketed many websites in several different industries and our
experience and knowledge allows us to market many different types of industries very effectively. Some of the industries we work with include home remodeling, attorney services, jewelry, textiles and fabrics, printing, night life, restaurants, beauty and fashion, among many others.

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