6 Web Design Faux Paus That’s Not Good For Your SEO

6 Web Design Faux Paus That’s Not Good For Your SEO

6 Web Design Faux Paus That’s Not Good For Your SEO

There are two things business owners have to achieve in this competitive industry in order to survive: attract leads by earning top rankings in search results, and have an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist web design that will retain leads. By not doing one, or the other, will result in losing search rankings and a decrease in visitors. A successful website needs to be easy on the eyes and SEO-friendly, as easy as it sounds, it is not always easy to achieve. The world of online business is very competitive, if the web design is amazing but the SEO is terrible, you lose visitors and if the website is SEO-friendly but if it’s a visual disaster, you will also lose visitors.

We have compiled six of the biggest web design faux paus that affect you’re SEO. Which ones are you committing?

Design Elements Replacing Text. You will hinder your visibility in search results if you use images or java applets to replace text content. The problem is that search engine crawlers cannot read images, nor can search engine crawlers acquire any information from java applets. The only thing search crawlers can successfully do is search for textual information. By adding content that is non-text related, it can make it harder for search engines to figure out what your website is all about. Fill your website with quality text and SEO-friendly keywords and avoid ranking poorly in search engine results.

Failing To Optimize Your Design For Portable Devices. Mobile devices are now the main tools used for browsing the web. The majority of mobile searches convert into sales. Lacking a mobile-friendly design can seriously impact your sales and potentially result in a loss.

Having An Improperly Designed 404 Page. Browsers will be attracted to other pages on your website if you have a creatively-designed 404 page. If it’s improperly designed and riddled with broken links then you will lose credibility with search crawlers.

Inadequate Navigation. Poorly designed navigation bars will frustrate visitors and confuse search crawlers, as it cannot understand the structure of links. As a result, a web crawler will re-position your rankings to a lower ranking.

Poor Page Speed. Believe it, or not, your bounce rate is directly linked to the speed time of your page. Bounce rates will lower if the speed time of a page is higher. Excessive visual elements are great for any web page design, but it can severely affect the speed of your page if you have too many visual elements. Loading time is especially critical for mobile users who want instant gratification and do not have the time to wait for a site to load if it is not mobile-friendly.

Images With No Alt Text. Images draw attention to a website, but unless they can be optimized with an alt text, they can neither be indexed nor crawled. Adding an alt text to images will make it convenient for the web crawler to be able to read images, thus further promoting your website.

When working with a digital marketing service, it is important that you avoid all of the aforementioned mistakes so that it won’t hinder your search

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