4 Signs You Need To Ditch Your SEO Company

4 Signs You Need To Ditch Your SEO Company

4 Signs You Need To Ditch Your SEO Company

Many business owners put their companies in the hands of SEO companies, not knowing what they signed up for. Most SEO companies take advantage of business owners, because they know that they are not technical and don’t understand online marketing. Bad search engine optimization can potentially stop all of your online traffic because it is not done correctly, and might even shut down your website. In the next few sections, I will target the evil tricks that these SEO companies play on you and your business, and why you should highly consider ditching your agent.

4 Signs Your SEO Agent Is Up To No Good

Sign #1: They refuse to discuss with you what their plans are for your business advertisement.

I have had many people constantly tell me that their SEO company in Sherman Oaks does not consult with them about their tactics and strategies to increase your sales. This is because of either two reasons: they don’t have a full understanding on how SEO works, or they are doing it dishonorably. If your agent does not have the proper experience and mentality to take control of your business campaigns, it will only show as a reflection of your brand. Any agent should be able to tell you in full detail exactly what they are doing to target your audience. I also found that many Search Engine Optimization agents are cheating the system and performing your campaigns dishonorably. If you are paying large sums of money to someone who isn’t being honorable, you need to ditch them immediately.

Sign #2: Many of them tell you they have special connections with big search engines.

To start off, I can tell you that this statement is one big fat lie. Big search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo (which SEO companies are referring to), would never go out of their way to ruin their reputation by promoting your business and offering you special treatment. You will never be at the top of a major search engine through connections, unless you do your part and pay the right amount of money for your spot. Many companies like these will make you impressed with their supposedly hundreds of contacts or that they even have a special relationship with a fellow google member, that can boost your online traffic and sales tremendously. Once hiring them to do their job, you will realize that they actually don’t have any contacts at all.

Sign #3: Your SEO company promises you a lot of quality work done for an upfront fee.

This is a major problem in which businesses fall straight for their traps. Either your agent will take your money and cut ties with you, leaving you with bad online advertisement and a hole in your bank account, or they will send your money to their “corporate office”. And lucky for you, their corporate office is most likely in India or overseas where they hire people to advertise for you, in which you cannot contact. Whenever I tell my clients that many SEO companies take your money and run, they are in complete shock.

Sign #4: They discuss directory and article submissions for your business.

Directory submissions and Article submissions may have worked for business promotion back in the day, but now it is impossible. Many SEO companies still see the potential in these submissions, and try to retain it for your business without realizing the complications. Article submissions have a bad reputation of being written in low-quality, in which most contain spam content or content that is stolen from other articles. My best advice for anyone who hears this plan for your business is to run as fast as you can.

There are many other issues that determine why most search engine optimization companies are not good for you. It is very important that you take the time to choose a quality company to run your advertising campaigns, as you are reflecting your own brand. Kayan Solutions is an advertising agency that never turns their backs on their clients, and makes sure their business is up to date with only the highest quality content. It is our job at Kayan Solutions to constantly consult with our clients on our next move and how we are improving your services everyday. At Kayan Solutions we never make promises that we cant keep- contact us for a free consultation to boost your sales today.

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