5 Myths Your SEO Company May Tell You

5 Myths Your SEO Company May Tell You

5 Myths Your SEO Company May Tell You

So you have your currently hired SEO agency obtaining all of your marketing campaigns. Many people during  this process may experience severe stress because their hired SEO  company in Los Angeles wasn’t showing them the results that they promised. SEO companies are great at promising you things, yet many of them don’t end up keeping these promises. There are specific myths that they may tell you to excite you about working with them, and if you read on you will find out what these myths are.

5 Myths That You May Hear

Myth #1:  You constantly need new content. This is a big thing that SEO companies may tell you, and let you know that they can do. But, this is not exactly true. It is not all about new content and always updating your online campaigns with new sayings, it is rather about the quality of your content. If you have great quality content, then you can avoid always having to change your old content. Focus on producing more fresh content rather than just changing it. What many SEO companies will do because they simply do not have time to change your content every week, is to copy your competitions. They will have you thinking they are changing your content, because you will see new wording on your site. But, what you do not know is this is copied and pasted from other websites. Why is this bad for you? Google will soon catch on to this and penalize your site. That is a big no-no.

Myth #2: Clicks will always equal business and telephone calls. That is not true, but people who are blunt about advertising might not know that. Just because someone clicks on your site, does not mean that you will get business right away. Often times people will click in and click out,which is why advertising agencies like Kayan Solutions will use their retargeting services to follow these people for up to 90 days with your brand campaigns. They may promise you sales through their campaigns instantly due to the clicks you are getting, but once they launch your campaigns they will most likely leave it at that and stop tracking your users. This is a problem with SEO companies that have too many clients under their umbrellas.
Myth #3:  Internal Links aren’t that important. Actually, they are extremely crucial for your business. You must have internal links in order to have a completely successful campaign. This is because when you have internal links, Google will notice this and track it. This leads to viewers allowing to navigate through other pages of your website rather than just the home page. They can easily learn more about your services and products with internal links. For example, if one was on the homepage of your construction site, by having internal link tactics, they can click them and find out about your HVAC services, and your pool services. These are crucial for progression in your business.

Myth #4:  Your rankings on big search engines don’t matter. This is completely false. If you ever hear your hired SEO company say this to you, turn around and walk out the door. Your ranking on big search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing are very important to your brand reputation. Whether you just started your business several months ago, or whether you have had your business for over 15 years, if you don’t have high rankings on big search engines than you wont do as well. You must remain at the top of a search engine to get more traffic flow and more customers. If one is searching for a flower shop, they will go on Google and find the best one. Normally, this will be the first flower shop at the top of the search engine. If your business is at the top, then you will get so much more traffic flow.

All of these things listed above, your SEO company may be telling you. If they are telling you these myths that are not true, you should ditch your SEO company. Kayan Solutions knows many people who are victims of these techniques. Here at Kayan Solutions, we do just the opposite- we tell you the truth about what you need to make your business grow. We are here to help you, not to hurt you. Contact us today for a free consultation!



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