4 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Brand

4 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Brand

4 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Brand

Social media is taking over the world of digital advertising. Is your business connecting and engaging with consumers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? Whether you are running a small business, or a large developing corporation, it is always important to be in the loop in regards to social media branding. Kayan Solutions, a social media marketing agency, is here to share with you 4 ways to grow your online presence.


Don’t Skip The Social Media Branding


Our first suggestion to increase engagement on social platforms is by creating content that works. Don’t do what everyone else is doing– always think outside the box. Being creative is key. Brainstorm ideas and innovative ways to attract your audience’s attention by being as authentic as possible. What are some unique ways that your business stands out from other businesses similar to yours? Do you have more team events? Do you raise money with fundraisers? By doing different things, you are attracting more attention from consumers. Creating your content may be the most difficult part of successful social media marketing, which is why planning ahead is always recommended.


The second way to help grow your brand is strictly engagement. Consistency is key, and updating your social media platforms daily will really help you get ahead of the game.  Interacting with fans or people with similar interests are crucial for targeting. If someone asks you a question about your company via social media, always respond as quickly as possible. They will appreciate the consistency, knowing that you probably have a busy schedule. Another tip while connecting with the audience is to not spam them with promotions or product information. This may overwhelm them, annoy them, and scare them off.

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The third way is to try and get in touch with influencers. Big influencers and celebrities on social media can help you promote your business by wearing your product, drinking from your custom mugs, drinking your company’s protein shakes, etc. The more followers an influencer has, the more likely for you to make those sales.


Lastly, make sure to target the demographic that is most likely to support your business. For example, if you are promoting your makeup line, the best way to target is to start going through millennials. You should also take into consideration that the younger demographic is more likely to spend more on a product than older traditional users.


Kayan Solutions, your social media marketing agency is here to help you grow your business. If you are not at the top of your game on social media platforms, give us a call for a free consultation at (888) 886-1971

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